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Hello! My name is Chloe, and I'm president of Hiking Heroes' Maryland Chapter. I've played my primary sport, soccer, for about 9 years now, and I love staying in shape. I do enjoy running the track and feeling the sense of pride when I lap people, but hiking evokes something different. Walking across small ponds, jumping from rock to rock, and ducking under low branches is much different than running. It feels different. Nature should feel like a home away from home, and I'm sure that I'll feel more at home if I saw less trash (it's not very pretty). During my time as president, I hope to help people feel more motivated to exercise and feel at home in our natural world.  

vice president

My Name's Gabriella Krcma, and I'm the Vice President of the Maryland chapter of Hiking Heroes. I love sports (my favorite is soccer), being outdoors, food, hanging out with friends, and animals, especially dogs. I joined Hiking Heroes because I enjoy volunteering in my free time, and with Hiking Heroes, I get to volunteer with a group of friends!


our staff



Corinne Badaracco

Hi! My name is Corinne Badaracco and I'm the secretary of the Hiking Heroes Maryland chapter. I enjoy tennis, playing with my dog, drawing, singing, swimming, and of course, hiking. After I had my first hike with this organization, I knew that this was something I enjoyed: going on hikes and cleaning up trash along trails allows me to feel happy, (hot), and healthy.


Peony Kang

Hello everyone, I'm the webmaster of Maryland Hiking Heroes. As an athletic person who runs around my community quite frequently, I've noticed that there's a lot of trash. When I first learned about Hiking Heroes, I wanted to join because I wanted to help our community be a cleaner, more eco-friendly place where everyone can appreciate nature in their own way, without any trash stopping them.

Social Media Coordinator


Esther Chung

I am Esther, the historian for the Maryland Hiking Heroes Chapter. I am energetic and social, and I like hands on things, especially photography and architecture. I decided to join hiking heroes to experience helping the community and going to the places that require help.


Joel Lee

Hello, I am the webmaster for Maryland Hiking Heroes. I'm in 10th grade, and some of my hobbies and interests are programming, fishing, robotics, and basketball. I joined Hiking Heroes to better our local environments around Maryland, and ultimately, to keep the earth a greener place. Through Hiking Heroes, I hope to learn valuable teamwork and communication skills and better leadership.

Art Director

Amy Park

Hello, my name is Amy Park and I am the art director of hiking heroes. I enjoy making things. I joined Hiking Heroes so I could get a better opportunity in future educational endeavors.

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